WNBA Draft 2016: How can Stars shine with second pick?


The Stars are coming off one of their worst seasons in recent history last season and will look to be better in 2016. The Stars lost one of their great players in Sophia Young-Malcolm and will look to replace her scoring. After missing the playoffs, the Stars were rewarded with the #2 pick in the first round and also have the 25th pick in the third round. The Stars rebuild will start with the draft in which they hope to pick a solid player to help elevate the team.

The #2 pick presents plenty of opportunities for the Silver and Black. There are many great players worth selecting such as Michigan State’s Aerial Powers, Minnesota’s Rachael Banham, Connecticut’s Morgan Tuck but the Stars should pick the best available player. That is Connecticut guard Moriah Jefferson.

Jefferson was one of the nation’s best college guards this season and is a two-way player who can defend and can control the game. She’s too great of a player for the Stars to pass up and this will allow the Stars to have a good point guard while Danielle Robinson is on the sidelines recovering from Achilles surgery. She can help set up Jayne Appel and Danielle Adams in the post while dishing it to Kayla McBride and Jia Perkins on the perimeter. However, it should not come to anyone’s surprise if Head Coach Dan Hughes decides to trade this pick in exchange for another pick or for other players.

The 25th pick or the 1st pick in the third round should be looked at in terms of needs for the Stars. The Stars need post players and they could take forward Kaylon Williams from Oklahoma who averaged 12.4 points and 7.1 rebounds per game. She could help replace some of the scoring lost from Sophia Young-Malcolm. Talia Walton from Washington is another possibility if Hughes is looking to add another versatile player to pair with Danielle Adams. The third round pick may have a shot of making the team as the Stars are looking to rebuild to become playoff contenders once again.


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